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Alvechurch Waterways Holidays

Operating from Alvechurch Marina , Gayton Marina, Anderton Marina , Hilperton Marina, Falkirk and Wrenbury Mill Marina.

The elegant green and red colours of the Alvechurch Waterways Holidays canal boats gives a very traditional feel to this fleet where you will find each class of boat named after a type of bird.
A good variety of layout designs means this is where you will find the largest selection of boats, with 4 classes of boats sleeping at least 10 people.
The rear saloon is also a recent and popular design feature on some of the latest additions to the fleet.

Worcester Cathedral

There is nothing quite like a short break on a waterways holiday. These will allow you to discover one of Britain's best kept secrets, the network of inland waterways, canals and rivers that pass across and through some of the most beautiful countryside, villages and towns.

This is a holiday of endless contrasts, to be taken at a slow pace. The variety and choice is endless, city, town, village, and country, wide canal and narrow canal. Every bend of the canal brings some new pleasure, every mile some new feature. Out on the water, you are your own master ; these are canal boating holidays where you select the pace.

You can never see it all, no matter how many times you return. Narrowboat holidays are for relaxation, for unwinding from everyday pressures, so you can do what you like, when you like. With us you have the choice of over 230 boats running from 13 holiday centres, each with its own fantastic selection of routes to help you discover a little more of this beautiful country.

The canals were built to carry Britain's goods 200 years ago, long before the advent of railways and motorways. Time change and, sadly, working commercial boats have all but vanished, but the inland waterways still retain their charm and character. Waterside pubs (the motorways cafes of the 19th century!) are still very plentiful enabling boaters to stop and enjoy a quiet drink and a good meal.

Built over 200 years ago, the canals have any number of interesting engineering structures. In fact you will find more listed buildings on the canals than anywhere else in Britain. British Waterways, who look after the canals throughout England, Scotland and Wales, are very conscious of looking after their built heritage and the improvements are all designed so as not to clash with the older environment.

Most canals have towpaths that were once used by horses which pulled the boats. They are now very pleasantly maintained for walking and are teaming with wild flowers and animals, but remember that ducks and swans expect to be fed! You can also take bikes with you to use the towpaths and local roads and paths to explore the countryside nearby.

This is a real family holiday. A canal boat holiday is leisurely enough to please most parents, whilst there is plenty for their children to see and do. In fact if they are into double figures, they will probably take over. Kids just love to drive the boats, under supervision of course (and where else could you do that ? ) If you have very active children why not try a canal with plenty of locks and see how long it takes to master them.

Everybody on the canal helps and talks to each other. It matters not whether you are a novice or an expert, a new hire boater or an owner, a walker or a canalman. One of the great things about the canals is the friendliness and camaraderie.

Your boat comes fully equipped.  All of the boats run by our operators have central heating, fridge, airing cupboard, cooker - in fact all the normal comforts of home. Bedding, crockery and cutlery are all provided so that all you need to bring is clothing, food and drink.

Learning how to handle a narrowboat and working the locks is easier than most people expect. Boating is not an exact science and so no-one gets it right all the time. But nobody worries and the boat is built to withstand all sorts of indiscretions. Remember, you should only be going at 4mph.

A trained demonstrator will show you how your canal boat works and give you tips to help you master the waterways. A comprehensive manual will be given to you, which remains on board with you on your holiday, and contains detailed information on the equipment and appliances you have. Helpful telephone numbers are also included.

This is a unique holiday. It is quite like anything else which you will ever experience, and it is interesting to know that as many as four out of every five people who try a boating holiday for the first time get completely hooked, and come back again and again.

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